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U.S. Patent # 7,454,858

(If you are looking for a M4 or M16 forward handgrip click.)

The Rail Grip is the 21st Century vertical handgrip for
any Picatinni Rail accessorized weapon

The Rail Grip clamps onto the rail by turning the handle.

The locking system assures the Rail Grip cannot come loose.

The choice of where to place the Rail Grip is up to the operator.

Two types of handles.

17 parts all designed for battlefield survivability.

Aluminum - same as the M16/M4

Black Aluminum coating - same as the M16/M4

Handle - Dupont Delrin® Delrin ® is a registered trademark of DuPont, 1007 Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19898

Tactical Light Accessory available .

Rail Grip Clamp Assembly can be used to modify the M203grip .

(This is not your Brother's M16 or M4 foregrip "Broomstick")


High strength materials and design provide:
- a virtually maintenance free,
- easily operated,
- durable grip

- target acquisition,
- maneuverability and
- carrying.

This battle-tested grip attaches to any Picatinni Rail without the use of tools or alterations to the weapon.


M203grip photograph identifying its parts.  The M203grip can be easily attached to any M203-type (M203, M203A1, M203PI) 40mm grenade launcher without tools and without alteration to the grenade launcher. The M203 forward assist handgrip is manufactured by RM Equipment, Inc.

THE Rail Grip

The Rail Grip has been carefully designed and tested to be functional in combat conditions.

7000 series Aluminum, same as the M16/M4 Rifles.
Black protective coating, same as the M16/M4 Rifles.

CNC machined from Dupont Delrin® that combines acetal resin and thermo-elastomers which provides the following benefits:
- durability and impact resistance
- optimal resistance to chemicals used in combat
- UV stabilized (designed for outdoor use)
Delrin ® is a registered trademark of DuPont, 1007 Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19898

- designed for comfort and control
- ribbed handle provides secure hand grip
- easily attached with one hand (NO TOOLS)
- will not accidentally detach from the rail
- lock button allows instant release from the rail

Rail Grip Home Page
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The Rail Grip Product Line is solely manufactured by RM® Equipment, Inc.
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The Rail Grip Product Line is made in the USA.

RM Equipment Inc. is a Veteran Owned Company.

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