Photo: M203grip with the Battery Handle and Tactical Handle

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M203grip Battery Handle described M203grip Tactical Handle described

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Photo: Rail Grip with the Battery Handle and Tactical Handle

Both styles of handles are ribbed to provide a secure hand grip,
durable and impact hardened,
optimally resistant to chemicals used in combat,
UV stabilized (designed for outdoor use)
and require no maintenance other than cleaning.

Picture of the M203grip foregrip handle varieties.

Picture of the RM Rail Grip handle varieties compared to the standard issue forward handgrip.


Pictured are the two choices of M203grip and RailGrip handles, compared to the molded plastic, standard issue, rifle RailGrip found on the M16 and M4 rifles. The comparison is to help you judge which handle is right for your grip.



Picture of the Battery Handle on the M203 foregrip and the RM Rifle Rail handgrip compared to the standard plastic issued forward handgrip used on the M4 and M16 rifles.

Photo showing two AA batteries inside the M203grip Battery Handle.


If you want a storage compartment for your batteries or other small objects, there is only one handle for your grip.

The Battery Handle will hold the most popular batteries and is designed with two main objectives: keep them dry and keep them from rattling. The Battery Handle is 4-5/8" long and 1-1/2" wide.

The Battery Handle has a specially contoured interior allowing AA batteries to slide inside the compartment side by side. Three, side-by-side, AAA batteries can also use the contoured interior to be Photo showing two 3-volt batteries positioned in the Battery handle for either the grenade launcher or rifle foregrips.quietly stored.

BATTERY STORAGE COMPARTMENT: Certified waterproof at 20 meters (66 feet) for minimum of 2 hours by U.S. Navy approved, independent testing lab. O-RING SEAL: Advanced performance under extreme conditions from - 40° to 180 ° Fahrenheit.





Photo comparing the standard issue forward handgrip to the RM foregrips using the Tactical Handle.


The same quality products go into the
"Tactical" Handle,
but you have a thick, short grip.

The length on the Tactical is 2-7/8 " and 1-1/2" wide
(same width as the Battery Handle and 1-6/8" shorter).


Comparison of handle options   M203grip Battery Handle described   M203grip Tactical Handle described
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